Honor Cremation Prices

How much do cremation services cost with Honor?

While low-cost cremation in California varies significantly from one cremation provider to the next, Honor Cremations believes that cremation prices should be simple and transparent with no hidden fees and no overwhelming decisions. Affordable cremation near you with Honor includes Basic Professional Services of Funeral Director and Staff, transportation from the place of passing to Honor Cremations, refrigeration prior to the cremation, transportation to and from the crematory, an environmentally friendly cremation container, the cremation itself and a dignified urn. Each client-family will also have the option of selecting from Honor Cremations’ line of cremation urns. Details are always available through our General Price List and client-families have the ability to customize their selections prior to making payment or providing any sensitive information.

For more information on funeral, cemetery, and cremation matters, contact: State of California Department of Consumer Affairs / Cemetery and Funeral Bureau 1625 North Market Boulevard, Suite S-208, Sacramento, CA 95834, (916)-574-7870.

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Simple, Direct Cremation with Standard Mailing of the Urn

Price:   Starting at $950.00

Honor Cremations allows for mailing of the urn to any United States residence or cemetery. Once the cremation is completed, Honor Cremations will carefully package the urn for mailing through the United States Postal Service. Once the urn is scheduled for mailing, the client-family will be notified in the Honor Hub and be provided tracking information.

Simple, Direct Cremation with Local Courier Delivery of the Urn

Price:   Starting at $1,050.00

Honor Cremations offers a courier service for delivering the urn to a selected local residence or cemetery. This means that the urn is delivered by vehicle directly from Honor Cremations without passing through the mail. The date and time of courier delivery will be selected by the client-family within the Honor Hub once the cremation is completed. Local courier service is available in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Stanislaus Counties.

Simple, Direct Cremation with Scattering at Sea

Price:   Starting at $1,150.00

Honor Cremations offers a scattering service for client-families wishing to scatter ashes in the San Francisco Bay. Once the cremation is completed, Honor Cremations will work directly with a local boat captain to perform the scattering in a dignified manner. Based on weather conditions, the boat captain will determine the most appropriate date for scattering and the client-family will be notified in advance within the Honor Hub. Once the scattering has taken place, a photograph of the scattering ceremony will be provided in the Honor Hub.

Additional Transportation Costs

Honor Cremations’ prices include a flat fee for transportation from the place of passing performed within these seven immediate Bay Area counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Stanislaus. For all other California counties, additional transportation costs are calculated based on the distance from Honor Cremations:

  • Marin, San Benito & San Joaquin Counties: $150
  • Monterey, Napa, Solano & Sonoma Counties: $250
  • Yolo, Sacramento, Calaveras & Amador Counties: $350
  • Sutter, Merced & Colusa Counties: $400
  • Mariposa, Tuolumne, Yuba, Nevada, Lake, Placer & El Dorado Counties: $500
  • Glenn, Mendocino, Madera, Butte, Tehama & Kings Counties: $600
  • Fresno & San Luis Obispo Counties: $650
  • Sierra & Tulare Counties: $750
  • Plumas & Shasta Counties: $800
  • Trinity, Kern, Santa Barbara & Mono Counties: $900
  • Humboldt, Lassen & Siskiyou Counties: $1,000
  • Ventura, Modoc, Los Angeles & Del Norte Counties: $1,200
  • San Bernardino & Orange Counties: $1,300
  • Inyo & Riverside Counties: $1,400
  • San Diego County: $1,600
  • Imperial County: $1,750

Cash Advances and Taxes

There may be instances in which a third party requires payment from Honor Cremations on behalf of a client-family. This includes Certified Copies of the Death Certificate, a Disposition Permit, taxes and Coroner’s or Medical Examiner’s fees. Each client-family will determine how many Certified Copies of the Death Certificate are needed and the cost will be added to their total. For all client-families, $12 will be added to their total for the Disposition Permit as well as applicable taxes for merchandise items purchased. If any Coroner or Medical Examiner requires payment for their services, Honor Cremations will communicate these to the client-family and arrange payment.

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