Planning Ahead with Honor

  • Lock In Today’s Prices
  • Peace of Mind for the Future
  • Fewer Decisions Left for Family
  • Interest-Free, Flexible Payment Plans
  • Fully Adjustable & Refundable

High-Quality Cremation Services

Give your family peace of mind by discussing, recording and funding your wishes in advance. By planning ahead with Honor Cremations, you can ensure there are fewer difficult decisions left for the future. Our compassionate team of professionals would be honored to help you begin the conversation and design a plan that’s right for you and the people you care about.

We’re here to guide you through every step:

  1. Choose the Plan that’s right for you and your family
  2. Record your wishes with a cremation provider you can feel confident about
  3. Design a flexible payment plan that suits your budget
  4. Communicate your plans to those who should know

Our Honorable, All-Inclusive Cremation Plans

The Redwood
Cremation Plan

Designed to Include Honor’s Essential Cremation Services:
  • All-Wood ‘Iris’ Urn
  • Scheduled Time to Receive the Urn and Death Certificate at Honor Cremations
  • Includes all taxes & permit fees

The Pacific
Cremation & Scattering Plan

Designed to Provide a Meaningful Resting Place Near the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Bamboo ‘Monterey’ Scattering Urn
  • Attended Scattering Services Available
  • Includes all taxes & permit fees

All-Inclusive Services & Flexible Payment Options

Reach our team 24/7 to learn more

Our Simple Cremation Services


Honor Cremation with
Private Family Viewing & Witnessed Cremation

  • Includes 45-minute private viewing & ceremonial witness of the cremation
  • Includes respectful preparation and dressing performed by licensed personnel
  • Intended for 1-25 Guests
  • Services are held at Irvington Memorial Cemetery & Crematory in the city of Fremont

Honor Cremation with
Viewing & Funeral Service

  • Includes 2-hr Viewing & Funeral Service Coordinated by the Honor Team
  • Includes respectful preparation and dressing performed by licensed personnel
  • Intended for up to 150 Guests
  • Services are held at one of Honor’s Partner Churches or at the Family’s Local Church

A Natural Goodbye

Families wishing to spend more dedicated time with their loved-one after their passing will find flexible at-home care options with Honor.

Our team partners with Trina Wacasey, an End of Life Doula with Creating Honoring Spaces to offer the ability for families to care for their loved-one at home.

Many families who choose Honor benefit from Creating Honoring Spaces’ gentle approach and appreciate the option to dress, bathe or simply spend time with their loved-one before the cremation is scheduled.

Record & Discuss Your Wishes Conveniently

We make it easy to consider your options and record your choices with Honor:

Record Your Wishes Online

Our guided questionnaire will walk you through your options, help you indicate your choices, and gather a bit of information:

We’re here to answer any questions by Chat

Our Team will follow up by email with a detailed outline of your plans with Honor Cremations.

Discuss Your Wishes over the Phone

Our team of professionals will answer all your questions, guide you through your options, and gather a bit of information:

We’re here for your call whenever convenient

Our Team will follow up by email with a detailed out of your plans with Honor Cremations.

Design a Secure, Flexible Payment Plan

Our payment plans have been carefully designed to fit into your budget.

What happens to my funds when I plan ahead with Honor Cremations?

To ensure the most security and flexibility for our client-families, we place funds for pre-planned services into a secure Trust with the California Master Trust. Each client-family receives confirmation directly from the California Master Trust once their Preneed Funeral Trust has been completed.

Do I need to pay for my plans with Honor Cremations all at once?

No, we can help you design a payment plan that meets your needs. Installments may be spread over as many as sixty(60) months without interest.

How much do I need to start a plan with Honor?

To begin a plan with Honor Cremations, you’ll need $100 to get started. We’ll then set up monthly payments based on your budget and needs.

Does Honor apply interest for monthly payment plans?

No, we never charge interest for your plans with Honor Cremations.

What if my plans change in the future?

Our plans are specifically designed to give you flexibility for the future. If you change your mind within fifteen(15) days of starting your plan with Honor, we will refund 100% of your payments. If your plans change after this time, your funds will be returned minus a 5% revocation fee.