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We know choosing the right funeral home or cremation provider is a big decision that requires a lot of trust.

If you’re considering options for the future, our team is honored to help you secure a plan you and your family can feel confident about.

And if your family is taking the first steps after the passing of a loved-one, we want you to know we care deeply about what you’re going through and we’re here to walk with you.

Your trust means a lot to us and we’re here for you, whenever you need us.


Mayra & David, Founders


Honorable Cremation Services

We specialize in high-quality, affordable cremation services that can be arranged conveniently from home:

Simple, Dignified Direct Cremation Plans

Our plans have been carefully designed to be all-inclusive of Honor’s high-quality services. We regularly provide service to Santa Clara, Alameda, San Mateo, Contra Costa, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Stanislaus Counties and can perform transfer from anywhere in Northern California.

Private, Family Viewing Options

Families wishing to spend time with their loved-one prior to the cremation will find a private, peaceful environment for their viewing or ceremony with Honor.

Scattering-at-Sea Options

Honor partners with an experienced boat captain in the San Francisco Bay who performs private unattended scattering at sea and hosts families for private charters.

Ceremonial Witnessed Cremations

Families wishing to be present when the private cremation takes place can add this option to any plan with Honor Cremations.

Family Viewings and Gatherings

Honor offers several options for families who would like to spend time with their loved-one or hold a gathering.

Memorial Services

Families wishing to hold a memorial service or celebration of life can add this option with Honor Cremations.

OUR process

Cremation Arrangements Made Simple

1. Report a Passing & Schedule the Transfer

Call (408) 645-5140 anytime to report a passing over the phone

or Click here to report a passing online.

We will answer any questions, collect a bit of information, and choose the best time to bring your loved-one into our care.

2. Make Arrangements Conveniently from Home

Watch your email for a message from our team with a link to choose a plan, complete electronic signatures, and provide payment.

Log back in anytime to monitor our progress or message our team.

3. Our Team Files the Death Certificate
4. Our Team Schedules the Private Cremation
5. Our Team Completes the Courier Delivery, Scattering or Careful Mailing of the Urn
6. Our Team Securely Mails the Death Certificates

Someone has passed

If Someone Passes Away

We know losing someone you care about is hard; we’re here to walk with you, every step of the way.

Reach Out to Our Caring Team of Professionals 24/7:

(408) 645-5140


Planning ahead

Planning for the Future with Honor

Planning Ahead for yourself or someone you care about is simple with Honor Cremations.

What does it mean to plan ahead for cremation arrangements?

With Honor Cremations, planning ahead is an opportunity for families and individuals to discuss their options, ask questions, make decisions, record and fund their plans, and communicate their plans with those who need to know.

Why should I plan ahead?

Planning ahead ensure that you wishes will be carried out and relieves the future stress of important decisions. Funding your plans with Honor Cremations also secures today’s prices for future cremation services.

Does planning ahead fit into my budget?

We work within your budget to design an interest-free plan based on your specific needs. Honor Cremations only require $100 to get started and offer flexible payments as little as $22/month.

Reach out to our caring professionals at (408) 645-5140 to begin planning.

Honoring life

Honoring Life with One Tree Planted

We believe that life is precious and that death is a time for honoring life. In October 2022, we partnered with One Tree Planted to support reforestation and plant a tree in Northern California on behalf of each family that places their trust in Honor Cremations.

Each California Redwood, Sugar Pine, Cedar and Giant Sequoia tree planted will stand for generations as a living memorial for the families and individuals we have the honor of serving.


We value the trust Client-Families place in Honor Cremations.

Here’s what they say about their experience with Honor:


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What questions can we answer?

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Honor Cremations. We also you invite you to reach out to our team anytime with questions at (408) 645-5140.

What services does Honor Cremations offer?

Honor Cremations offers a curated approach to simple cremation. This means that we view a client-family‘s experience with us as just as important as the cremation itself. Unique urn offerings have been made available through Honor Cremations and we provide three simple, dignified options for the urn once the cremation is complete. Client-families may select from 1-receiving the urn by mail, 2-receiving the urn by courier service or 3-allowing Honor Cremations to scatter the ashes at sea in the San Francisco Bay.

Where does Honor Cremations offer services?

Honor Cremations is centrally located in the South Bay city of San Jose and we regularly care for client-families located in Santa Clara, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco and Stanislaus Counties. We are able to perform transportation from any California county for an additional cost.

What do I do when a loved one dies?

Should your loved-one pass away, your first step is to contact the appropriate authorities. If your loved-one passes at home while under the care of an in-home healthcare provider or hospice organization, they should be contacted right away. If your loved-one passes at home unexpectedly or not while under the care of in-home healthcare or a hospice organization, 9-1-1 should be contacted. If your loved-one passes away anywhere unexpectedly, 9-1-1 should be contacted. Once the hospital, paramedics, first responders, or other local authority confirms your loved-one’s passing, they will direct you to contact Honor Cremations.

Help me understand Honor Cremations pricing plans

We believe pricing for direct cremation services should be simple and transparent with no hidden fees and no overwhelming decisions. Pricing details are always available through our General Price List or on our Pricing Page.

Honorable Cremation Services

Integrity is at the core of our mission, and our motivation.
Life is precious, and death is the time that we honor life.


The Honor Values

Honor was created with a set of values that remain at the center of everything we do. We believe that every client-family inherently deserves the highest levels of Care, Clarity, Convenience, and Communication so that we can give you the rarest gifts, the time and space needed to move through the loss of your loved one.

Uncommon Care

Over the phone or online. Transfer, how to report, timeframe

Clarity When you Need it Most

At their convenience online. Selections, paperwork, payment, how long it takes,

Convenience to Move at Your Pace

– Log into the  Honor Hub  to complete a few simple forms.
– Come back at any time for real time status updates.

Meaningful Communication

Our team will keep you updated at every step as we complete the filing of the death certiificate, schedule the private cremation, and carry out your family’s wishes for your loved-one’s urn.